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I am fully trained and certified by the most rigorous and top International Coaching Organization - Coaches Training Institute - one of the founding pillars of the Coaching profession. I also received my credentials through the International Coach Federation and am full-fledge member of ICF Global as well as VP of Membership (2013-2014) for the ICF Philadelphia Chapter. My experience includes almost 20 years of successful Sales Management & Customer Service Management in the TeleCom Industry. I've started and ran 3 successful small businesses while being an at-home-mom.  I am currently President of BNI Fort Washington Chapter.

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My Life Coaching Philosophies...

Everything comes down to Values. Everything. When I look back on my life, I realize that my decisions have always been deeply value-based even if I didn’t realize it at the time. In particular, I'm passionate about inspiring women and men to express their voice; their power which is really their confidence. I saw many examples in my life of decisions made out of fear or lack of information; decisions that had life long consequences that didn't work out so well.

I'm results oriented. I hope you are too. If you're ready to show up in our coaching sessions, I'll be sure to hold you accountable to getting what it is you want! You'll understand more specifically what I'm referring too when you feel the shift in your life that coaching offers from even our first appointment.

I’m an honest, shoot straight kind of coach. My clients love the straight talk, no beating around the bush.

As for me, I have a "come along with me" approach to life. I figure it this way...if I took the time to learn it and go through it, why not pass it on to those who can use it, and want it, so you too can start living the life you want.


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